Welcome to Flamenco Barcelona City blog


Welcome to Flamenco Barcelona City blog. We are the official online business that company that runs the Web page, online selling platform, blog and social media of the recognized Flamenco Barcelona Artist Company and the XIX century remodeled theater City Hall, located in Rambla Catalunya 2 right in the city center. We form part of the prestigious entertainment group called Otto Zutz, with cultural shows, restaurants and discotheques. www.flamencobarcelonacity.blog is an amazing space where you not only will learn about our show, but also the history of a theater over hundred years old where mythical Flamenco artists like Carmen Amaya have danced here, even today sometimes we have the privilege to have some of its family come to perform at our show. In this blog page you will also learn more about our world class artists, see videos with live performance, learn about Flamenco history, art, interview with artists and people related to the magical world of Flamenco, historical spots in Spain where you can visit and of course buy tickets with amazing discounts and promotions to come and see our show. 

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