Flamenco fashion


Flamenco fashion is essencial to express the beauty of its art. It is more than just a typical traditional dress. Used by flamenco dancers all over the world and that conjures a mystical and colorfull essence. And, unlike other regional costumes the style of the dress that changes year after year, just like a fashion garment.

The dress has humble origins but with the years pass by the flamenco dance style was developing into a form of art and dancers were beginning to perform professionally. The dancers adopted the dress, embellishing it with rich fabrics or accessories and making it an integral part of their dance.

A typical flamenco dress is composed by two main parts, a tailored bodice and a flounced skirt, which can be varied, according to the fashion trends of the moment.

In recent years flamenco fashion started to become its own industry, with a revenue of about €130 million per year. Haute inspired by flamenco, as shown by some of John Galliano’s designs made while he was working for Dior, and by Giorgio Armani who designed the costumes worn by famous flamenco dancer Joaquín Cortés and his dance company.